Friday, 11 March 2016

DIY Easter Eggs

Easter eggs are a quintessential part of the Easter holiday. I recall the craft sessions (at school or at home) that involved "decorating" hard boiled eggs by making designs on the shells with wax crayons and later dip-dyeing the eggs into the prepared dye baths to reveal the masterpieces of my youth. Easter egg decorating has clearly come a long way since my childhood, as you can see in these interesting techniques I found while scouring the web for new ideas to inspire my Easter eggs this year. There's everything from more natural dye sources, to unique decoupaged eggs, to the glitzy and sparkly glitter Easter eggs!
Which technique(s) will you try out this Easter?

Glitter Easter Eggs

Herb Stencil Easter Eggs

Decoupage Easter Eggs

Easy Watercolor Easter Eggs

Marbled Easter Eggs

Natural Dyed Eggs

Kool-Aid Easter Eggs

Robin Eggs

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