Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Ringing in the New Year in Style

One of the most important events of the year is coming up: the end of 2015 on New Years Eve, and the beginning of 2016 the following day! Saying goodbye to the previous year and welcoming the new one is exciting for most of us and usually entails some kind of grand celebration: dinner with the (whole) family, a toast at midnight, music, fireworks, going out with friends. Of course, a grand celebration usually means you'll be combing through your closet (or the racks at the mall) for the perfect New Year's outfit. Still not sure what you'll be wearing in less than a week's time? Check out your color forecast!


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This color is an excellent option because it naturally embodies elegance. You will look stunning in an LBD, whether it is a more casual dress or a cocktail dress. Sport a black number for a mysterious and sensual allure. 


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This vibrant hue is synonymous with happiness, courage, hope and it's also said to attract love and passion ;)

 Gold symbolizes wealth and success; it is the hallmark of a strong and decisive individual. You can go luxe in a stunning gold gown, or you can add gold accents to your outfit. Some of my favourite colour combinations: gold and black, gold and red and gold and turquoise.


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This peaceful hue is ideal for attracting positive energy. It symbolizes wealth and embodies glamour and distinction, while simultaneously looking natural and elegant.

Whichever colour or look you go for this New Year's, don't forget to enjoy the evening and forget about the little stressors in your life (at least for a little while): So long as you're happy, you'll look radiant in whatever outfit you choose!

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