Monday, 4 January 2016

New Year's Resolution.

The beginning of the year is generally associated with resolutions. We've all been party to the New Year's resolution lists and most of the time this lists are meant to help us achieve a goal, a dream we've been holding onto, some form of self-improvement or empowerment. Some lists are small, and some are long, but no matter the length or composition, they are created with real intention, motivation and desire to become our best self. Throughout the year, I'm going to share some of the resolutions  I jotted down for 2016.

A bit of back story for this first one. About two years ago I joined a "Bigger Loser" style boot camp at my gym; the result of gaining a lot of extra knowledge on the pitfalls of being overweight. I'd go three times a week (in addition to other fitness classes like Zumba, the other two days of the week), for two hours at a time. It was brutal at the beginning, but as the session progressed I felt myself getting stronger; I had more stamina, and the reward was seeing the pounds come off (20 lbs!). Unfortunately, 2015 saw me plague by health issues that force me to bow out of boot camp and limited my ability to engage in physical activity. I kept at it, but it was way more reduced, and the numbers on the scale have climbed a bit; the result of less exercise and some poor dietary choices.

So the first resolution on my list: To make a concerted effort (like I did back two years ago) to eat healthy and keep up with my exercises so I can lose those pounds I regained and KEEP THEM OFF! I've got a surgery coming up, and it is essential that I loose at least 10 pounds in the next few weeks. I'm going back to a tested and true method that was really helpful when I was in boot camp: tracking my daily meals and calories using My Fitness Pal (nope, not getting paid to endorse. I just really found this to work for me). In terms of exercise, I don't think I could ever quit Zumba, so I am working that in a few times a week alongside this daily routine I found on Youtube (a great place to find just about any kind of exercise!)

I am currently at 157 pounds, and my goal is to lose about a pound per week. I'll be definitely be blogging about my progress; keeping a written (and somewhat public) record is a great way to hold yourself accountable ;)

What is your New Year resolution?!

Sandy =)

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